Since 1974

We are manufacturers with expertise in the plastics industry, and we work with eco-friendly and recyclable materials. With a vast experience in different types of products…

Our production line has made it possible to launch different products made of PVC and PP: card wallets and holders, document holders, PVC folders, file folders, CD sleeves, bags, plastic ruler wallets, business card holders, digital printing on plastic and custom-made packaging.

Thanks to our performance process we have overcome great challenges and improved our production and service, thus creating a personalised customer service line and offering our expertise for the product to be highly accepted in the market. Over the years, our experience has provided our clients with a quick response for their enquiries, designs and custom-made productions.

At present, we use full colour printers, and we offer the possibility to print photorealistic prints on plastic or paper. Our current human and logistic resources can meet any request or need. We ship everywhere thanks to our arrangement with a transportation network company, and we can offer immediate delivery. Currently, we have customers in France, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Belgium, Gibraltar, Senegal, etc.