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A leading company with a long history in the sector, our main aims are to offer high quality and an excellent service in all the products we manufacture, without which we could not gain the trust of our customers.


In order to achieve these aims we have extensive experience and an excellent management team, together with an advanced production method, which enables us to respond quickly to all types of work, whether it be standard or special manufacturing.


Over the years, our company has maintained a firm business philosophy of constant adaptation to market conditions and anticipation of the future as a matter of course.


Each of our customers is unique and that is why we offer you the option of fully customising your product.

In the event that none of our products suits what you need, we offer you the option of having it produced from scratch, i.e. manufactured exclusively for you. We have the necessary machinery, tools and staff to ensure that, if your product is within our possibilities, you will be more than satisfied with the result.


It has always been said that the first impression is what counts, but nowadays it has become a key aspect in a world where competition in any sector has skyrocketed.

And if we talk about printing, our Design and Printing department will give your product the perfect finish with the image and/or data you want to include. All we need is for you to send us your logo (.ai / .pdf / .eps / .svg) or an image with the highest possible resolution.

We will advise you, if necessary, to ensure that the result is flawless, taking into account the different printing systems: Hot stamping, Stamping, Screen printing and Offset (the latter allows full-colour printing on both plastic and paper).


The manufacture of our products is carried out entirely within the factory. This allows us to vary and include add-ons, such as a card holder, plastic or metal clasp, gusset, zip or self-closing, velcro, etc.

So, if you need to add any extra features to any of our standard products, our production department will do its utmost to carry out the modification, always taking care to ensure that the finish is perfect.


We have a commercial and technical team to give you personal advice if you need it.

Our long experience in the sector has given us the necessary experience to be able to offer you advice on everything from the manufacture and choice of materials to the final finish. Our staff will provide you with the necessary information to ensure that the result of our work is optimal and meets all the requirements that your company demands.


Most of our items are based on the processing of plastic materials: vinyl made in Spain and environmentally-friendly.

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), one of the most commonly used materials for our folders, plastic sleeves, book covers, document protectors, etc.

Expanded PVC, a thicker type of PVC generally used by major brands, which gives a higher quality appearance and finish.

PP (Polypropylene), mainly used for folders and cases but also sleeves and other items.


Always taking the ISO 9001 quality system as a reference, we strive to offer the best quality and service, in the most economical and customised way possible on the market. We test the processing and durability of our materials and we are constantly improving our products in order for each production to be better than the last. The manufacturing is fully domestic, from the materials to the treatment and processing of each product.

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