We provide products exclusively for each customer.
Our products are made entirely in our facilities thanks to our production department. In case none of our products meets your requirements, we offer the possibility of a new custom-made production with great results.


Our Design and Printing department will be in charge of providing a customised design for your cases, with your logo, image or any details you wish to include. In order to send the files, it is advisable to attach them in original file format (.ai, .pdf, .cdf, etc.). If not available, please send high resolution JPG or PNG files with no distortion instead.

We offer different printing systems that can print full colour: thermoprinting, stamping, silkscreen printing and digital printing on plastic and paper.


We can make further changes by adding complements to a product, such as a card wallet, using plastic or metallic clasps, bellows, zipper or self-sealing, Velcro, etc.

This way we meet our customers’ requirements since it is possible to make further changes with new proposals, materials or accessories when the product can offer more possibilities.


Our sales and technical teams will personally advise you when needed.

The years of experience in the sector have made it possible to offer a great production and treatment of plastic materials. Our staff may provide you with the information needed to guarantee the final result of our work and give the best advice for your company.


The vast majority of our production is based on the treatment of eco-friendly plastic materials made in Spain. Our best product line is vinyl (PVC) for folders, plastic holders, book covers, document protectors, etc.

The Expanded PVC is a special type of PVC which offers a better aspect and quality of the final product, and it is used by major brands for their merchandising of card holders, folders, cases for accessories and much more.

PP (Polypropylene) is also one of the most common materials for many products, such as folders, briefcases or cases.


With the ISO 9001 quality management system as a reference, we offer the best quality and service in the best economical and customised way possible. The treatment and durability of the materials are tested and continuously improved in each production. Our production is entirely made in Spain, from the materials to the treatment and process of every product.

We are a leading company in the sector with a wide experience, and we aim at offering the best quality and service with our products for our trusted customers. In order to meet these objectives, we offer a wide experience and direction together with an advanced production technique. For this reason, we can provide a quick response for our customers in both standard or custom-made productions and design works.

Over the years, our company has maintained a tenacious business philosophy, constantly adapting to the market conditions and with continuous future prospects.